Our Building Practices with Energy Efficiency Details

Valido Homes employs the following standard practices while constructing each of its homes:


  • Footings are formed with FORM A DRAIN drain tile system that saves time and materials when initiating the foundation construction process. In lieu of using dimensional lumber to form the footings, plastic forms that will act as the drainage system for the foundation are employed and connected to the sump crock as foundation construction nears completion.

  • Standard 8” thick foundation walls, with a nominal 8’ height

  • 1” rigid foam insulation applied to all foundation walls comprising the living area of the home

  • Crushed gravel placed at the footings, interior and exterior, by the company pouring the foundation walls to ensure the drainage system works properly prior to backfilling by the excavator

  • As the plumbing contractor completes his scope of work, a sump pump with piping to the exterior is installed at the sealed sump crock. This drainage system can be employed as a Radon mitigation system in the future should the need arise.


  • Dimensional lumber, sheet stock, flooring systems and roof trusses all supplied by a single trade partner to ensure compatibility and consistent engineering has been followed from the foundation to the roof peak

  • All exterior walls are built using a standard 16” on center layout for studs, paired with continuous wall sheeting to guarantee compliance with the most stringent code standards. Exterior walls are 2x6 to maximize insulation, while garage walls are 2x4.

  • Our framing contractors work to minimize waste and keep as much lumber cutoffs from making their way to the landfill as possible


  • Valido currently uses Thermo Tech windows and patio doors. All window units are double hung, making operation easy and continuing maintenance simple as both sashes tilt in for cleaning. All windows will have the same grid pattern for a consistent look, should one be chosen, not just the street facing windows.


  • Therma Tru doors are built in to every Valido Home. Therma Tru constructs their doors and jambs to withstand hurricane force winds and manage intense moisture from high humidity regions in the United States. In Wisconsin, we are fortunate to not have to worry about mother nature’s worst, but enjoy the strength of engineering designed to do just that.

  • We pair our exterior doors with Schlage locksets to ensure not only your safety, but the ease of use that is important with building components you will operate on a daily basis.

Exterior materials

  • Although no exterior is truly maintenance free, Valido integrates materials that will decrease the maintenance you will take on over the lifetime of your home. Vinyl siding with a .042 thickness is our standard, with a 9/16” panel projection that gives a more traditional wood siding look to your home.

  • White aluminum soffit and fascia, vented where appropriate, completes the exterior facades and is consistent with the maintenance required (periodic washing) for vinyl siding.

  • Certain Teed Landmark shingles are installed at the roof, over a base layer of ice and water shield at the eaves and synthetic roofing underlayment to ensure a dry roof. Ridge venting is employed on all Valido Homes.

  • Seamless gutters and downspouts help move water away from the foundation of your home. Careful consideration is given to the location of downspouts to ensure they don’t interfere with the aesthetic of your home or the physical use of any component.


  • Fiberglass insulation at the exterior walls achieves a R-19 rating

  • Blown in cellulose insulation at the attic adds R-50 to the building system

  • Mil vapor barrier applied over the studwork at the interior once insulation installed

  • Spray foam insulation applied at the box sills

  • All roof structures are Proper Vented to enable air flow at the underside of the roof deck


  • 5/8” drywall at the ceilings, ½” at the walls, all finished and painted one color throughout

  • Garage walls are finished at walls abutting the living space and the entire garage ceiling will be drywalled to code

Interior trim

  • Valido uses solid wood trim throughout their properties, all finished in white

  • Interior doors are solid core MDF units designed for stability, your paint won’t crack as the door is engineered for minimal expansion and contraction over the seasons

  • Interior doors are operated by Schlage handle sets, privacy at the bedrooms and bathrooms, passage at closet and hallway doors, brushed nickel is our standard finish


  • Maple faced cabinetry that features soft closing doors and drawers available in a wide variety of colors and door styles

  • Upper cabinets are completed with crown molding

  • Base cabinets are finished with shoe molding

  • Hardware at all doors and drawers, many styles and colors to choose from


  • Kitchens cabinets are mated with laminate tops

  • Bathroom vanities employ one piece acrylic tops available in a wide variety of granite like finishes


  • Luxury vinyl plank at main living areas

  • Tile or luxury vinyl plank at baths and laundry

  • Mohawk (or equivalent) carpeting at all bedrooms


  • 96% efficient two stage furnace paired with a 2 ton air conditioner

  • Programmable thermostat

  • Panasonic (or comparable) quiet bath fan at the master, Broan unit at all other baths


  • 200 amp panel

  • All required circuits per code for major appliances and mechanicals

  • 2 exterior outlets

  • Necessary outlets and light switching to make your home enjoyable and easy to use in the long run

  • Integrated recessed lighting designed for your home’s floor plan and functionality, we don’t impose a limit on the amount we will design into each specific home as each floorplan has its own requirements

  • Exterior lights as required by your home’s layout to make it safe in the evenings and pleasing to both you and your neighbors as one might view it walking or driving by

  • All bedroom light openings suitable to support ceiling fans


  • Moen Eva faucets and shower trims (or equivalents), in chrome are our standard finish

  • White, elongated, standard height toilets in all baths

  • Towel bar and toilet paper holder included at all baths

  • Stainless steel sink at kitchen

  • Garbage disposal included

  • 50-gallon water heater

  • 2 lawn faucets included

  • Water line with recessed connection point at refrigerator

  • Clothes washer recessed connection point and drain to help keep washing machine flush with wall

  • Pex flexible water supply lines throughout the home


  • Poured concrete driveway and walkway to front door

  • Yard to be graded to a rough finish grade


  • R-50 insulation at attic where code requires R-38, most heat loss is realized through the attic space of a new home

  • Thermo Tech windows reduce sunlight in the summer, assisting in energy conservation during summer months of up to 25%, UV rays that can be damaging to furniture and other interior finishes are blocked up to 84%

  • Programmable thermostat helps regulate temperatures inside the home for reduced energy usage

  • Engineered framing system maximizes our ability to insulate the home, coupled with a vapor barrier at the interior and house wrap at the exterior, an air tight building envelope is constructed that further decreases energy use

  • Low flow shower heads at all baths

  • Low flush toilets (1.6 gallons per flush) installed at all baths

  • Spray foam insulation utilized at the box sill of the home, the box sill is where the majority of the mechanical penetrations are found in a typical home