Who We Are

Jim and Steve Selling a Valido Home!
Jim Hartung (left) and Steve Black (right)

Valido Homes was founded by Jim Hartung and Steve Black with the vision to provide well appointed, expertly crafted homes at affordable prices.

Steve has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. Starting with custom cabinetry, he fostered a strong sense of detail and an appreciation for the process that brings a project to completion. He also gained an appreciation for the other contractors working alongside. Understanding the role of the contractors that come before and after you is an important component of the home building process. Taking this knowledge to the next level, Steve began to renovate vintage properties in Columbus, WI. The restoration of historic homes is a unique challenge that places equal importance on architectural integrity and the integration of components that weren’t originally considered when the home was built. Both are important in making an older property viable for future generations to enjoy the home. Installing new mechanical systems in spaces that weren’t designed to accommodate them while maintaining the aesthetic of the home is an accomplishment that was very rewarding.

While renovating older properties, Steve gained an appreciation for architectural details and proportions that he would ultimately bring to new home construction. Combining the appreciation for detailed construction processes he honed while crafting custom cabinetry and recalling the architectural features he noticed while restoring classical homes, the new home construction he oversees at Valido Homes makes a building a pleasure to call home.

Jim and Steve at the Job Site
Steve Black (left) and Jim Hartung (right)

Jim has been involved in all aspects of real estate since 1996 and is a licensed real estate broker. His background includes the lease, sale and development of commercial and residential buildings and subdivisions throughout southeastern and southcentral Wisconsin area. He has been involved with buying, selling, developing, brokering and building real estate so he understands all sides of a transaction and how to creatively structure a deal that maximizes the benefit to all parties involved. Jim’s 22 years in real estate has given him extensive involvement in: site selection and acquisition, purchase/sale negotiations, the financing process, coordination and communication with all consultants during the site planning/construction stage including engineering, surveying, planning, municipal review, construction and legal.

Picking a site and constructing a new home can be an intimidating process for anyone. With Jim’s expertise in all aspects of the building and site selection process combined with Stephen’s years of experience building high quality single family homes makes this a partnership that is committed to designing homes and communities that families will enjoy for years to come.